Saturday, January 17, 2015

And now something completely Gollum

As a student I usually try to live sparingly but often I lose control and purchase something utterly useless. I found this Gollum statue from an auction (What a magnificent sculpt!) and decided to make him a bit eye-friendly. At the point I do like how he's turning out. There's still a ton of work to do...

 Common Gollum with a fish. Ahh.
 Gollum with serious health issues (and a fish)
Fun fact: I glued some of my own hair to cover this poor fellows baldness.

I really should be doing my thesis...


  1. That is a very good likeness (to Gollum, not you). Great idea.

    Fun fact. Your hair looks like straw.

  2. Fun fact - my face starts to look the same as Gollum's... For a reason it's necessary for me stay the nights up and not getting any rest. Oh well!