Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ok , this is a very cool (and big) mini that I had the pleasure to paint on commission for a very nice german guy :)
Don't know way  , but it's been very hard to take good pics of this beast , maybe is because of the big wing creating shadows  , the lightning ... I dont know. The base was build totally from scratch , somekind of ancient ruins....
So, here's this "faceless demon" for your viewing pleasure !


  1. Really liking the pale look with the gory details. I have seen this mini sometime before on Massive Voodoo ( I think). Jobs a good 'un!

    What colors did you use, and was it airbrushed?

  2. Yes it have airbrush on the main priming and on the wings.
    The other is made by brush , the colours...bufff...grey mixed with a bit of caiman green for the base skin , then a lot of mixes with light grey and bone white to get the higlights and many diferent washes from purple and blue to very soft black and red to create shadows.

  3. Very nice indeed, there's an other world feel to it. What is the model?

  4. Its name is Faceless Demon , sculpted by Allan Carrasco , I think it was sold by a web called Trolloutpost or so....