Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Ribbit Ribbit FW toads a comming

Hello folks

I will take the opportunity to welcome our latest member ;) and I will celebrate it with posting some WIPs on the commission I'm working on. These are some lightly converted FW toads with added beastmen chariot harnesses. I added some gs for fat folds etc. to make the harnesses fit more with the toads. The colors were first chosen to match the nurglings but they turned our far to bright and fleshy so I went back and after a dozen of glazes and washes they looked far better. I finished with adding some slime effects (first time for me) with glue around the tongue/ mouth - I hope you like it I'm quite happy with it. There are some details to be fixed but most of the paintjob is done (except the wood etc which is obvious). Final touch ups will be done when the toad gets some wheels.

Thanks for watching


  1. These are brilliant! When they were released, I thought who the heck would want toads in their army, what could they be used as? Really fat cavalry was about my best idea, but pulling a chariot is so much better. And of course, toads do not jump, only frogs do that, so it's credible too ;)

  2. Yeah man! As he pointed above toad mostly walk with big steps , rarely jump , and when they do are nothing spectacular , not like the frogs anyway.
    Those models are simply amazing! And that earth/mud colours bring them to life definetly!
    I have to get some of those toads...