Monday, November 19, 2012

Dark Vengeance painting phase 1

The first thing I did when I got the boxes insides out, we played a test game with my buddy. After that I I took my knife and started to scrap out mould lines and flashes. I decided that if I paint the terminators first and not the handsome chaos forces, I might be able to finish the whole box someday - I'll rewad myself with more interesting models after I've done all the boring bits.

These are made quite fast by speedpainting. Some washes over a white basecoat and some minimal highlights plus a variety of aging. The whole squad was painted in or under 8-10 hours (can't tell because I lost my sense of time after a delicious bottle of home made wine).

the whole squad in a blurry pic!



  1. Nice to see you're making good use of your recent DV box !
    Those termis looks great, I hope to see some chaos minis soon , I bet you'll have a lot of fun with the cultists.... :)


    I HATE you. No. I LOVE you.

    These are awesome my friend. It's been exciting to see this blog rear into life again and I have not been disappointed!

  3. Oh mate, these are delicious and they have a nice Blanchian aura. The colors really reminds me of the 3ed Wh40k for some reason (the rulebook not that eras paintjobs mind you)as well as Blanche different paintings. I only feel that some chipping is missing (like a sponge job or so), but then again, without any additional damage they have a feeling of oldschool - newschool paintjob.

    Keep it up mate

  4. Diego: Yes, there was a sole purpose to start with marines so I can reward myself with the chaos chaps :) (see: if I painted the cooler side first I would never paint the Dark Angels.... har har)

    Minitrol: Yep, quick jobs for me. (plus after the wine and few shots I wasn't ehrm, that sober anymore so I was also pretty damn 'jolly' when I painted these. Don't drink and paint!)

    Erik: I think the Blanche style also came by accident. I'm not so familiar with all the Blanches work, but Terminators without orange tint(even the armour is bone coloured) look strange to me. I'll probably add more weathering when the DA force is fully painted, so I can do a matching weathering to the units. Thanks!

  5. Good work on these. I didn't have the patience to paint mine, I kept the chaos stuff and sold the sparkly men (SM). Maybe I should have kept them. On second thoughts, nah, too much to paint already.