Saturday, November 24, 2012

A rush of inspiration - FW toads more or less done

Hello folks!

I had a ton of inspiration the last days and with the gorgeous FW plague toads in front of me I went to work. The minis have great detail and FW really lives up to the high standard they claim to have. However the choice of minis might have made issues like airbubbles hard to spot due to the nature of the miniature (as well as that I did not have to assemble/clean/glue them). The toads have plenty of character and they have good differences in skin texture which makes painting them a treat with plenty of different boils, wounds, sores and other goodies. My least favorite is the one with closed mouth, I can't put my finger on what bothers me with it but like that one the least of them.

I tried some new brushes from DaVinci  - nova synthetic line size 0 and 0,50. I really like them and only used a smaller brush for the last details. I also used tons of matt medium for the skin and gloss varnish for the gore/blood as well as glazes for texture and fades. I am still learning how to use these techniques but I enjoyed painting with them and I feel a big improvement with each mini completed.

The slime effects were also new for me and created with a contact glue. So far I like it but very few minis will have it as it can easily go OTT. I added it to these as I wanted something to give a feel of them being working hard (like horses froth when they pull stuff etc.) - I hope you get my drift.

The minis will be pulling chariots so they are not 100% done but last touch ups will be added when the rides are done.

Thanks for watching


  1. Woww!! Sooo cool toads!!
    Can't wait to see the complete chariot , is it an existing model? Or its made from scratch?

    .... Now I really NEED to get those damn toads....

  2. OMG they're cute. Awesome ob with the colours as always!