Sunday, November 25, 2012

Well....How F*****G cool is that beast ?!?

Ok , just got this the other day....and guys i'ts AWESOME and HUGE!!
The upper teeths are not glued yet , as they are so long and will block any further access to the inner mouth.


  1. Wow, great looking skin there. The last photo makes me a little nervous, he seems to be balancing on the edge of the bath!

  2. Haha , don't worry he's back safe on the workbench now :)
    I'll add more and more layers on the skin, also the mouth/teeth/tongue need a lot of work.

  3. This beast oozes twisted humour... It's cute and terrifying at the same time. Hoping to see it finished soon!

  4. Looks very cool so far! The skin color looks good already and it will be interesting to see how the paintjob will be with some more layers. I particulary like the earthy pallet

  5. He's like an evil naked mole rat.

    Scary yet you ant to pet him...

    Okay maybe not that last part...