Monday, April 22, 2013

Xenos approaching revisited

I didn't even know I'd be capable of doing this sort of converting or background creating. Few days ago a friend of mine came over and asked me what are those cyclops on my table, and by accident I understood totally where these monsters come from, why they have fancy clothes and so on. It's just a clue I got, but I think it tells me the direction where to go next... And as usually, I don't know anything about the fluff, but I heard there's a big hive-city in necromunda games, and I suddenly understood that these guys don't come form any level of that hive - but from an endless prairies of red sand. The image I have in my head is a mix of spaghetti western and scifi, as in marvelous books of Stephen King (the dark tower series). I assume they've never heard of forces of chaos or imperium or anything like that, but their time stands still in a parallel version of a twisted wild west somewhere in always mutating space and time. I think I'm forced to add stetson or a bottle of bourbon to the next fella... 

Newcomer ready to cause some havok after greenstuffing.


  1. Wow mate, these are gorgeous ! The ogre turned out great and I love his overburdened look! You background story sounds cool as well :) The new mini is really looking freaky so I can't wait what you come up with after some GS lovin

  2. Inspirational stuff, the warband is quite clearly made of individuals yet they are very cohesive together.

    You should run us through your thoughts on the latest addition, I'd be interested to here what you intend to do with him / it!

  3. Gorgeus indeed! They look like if they'd sprung out of Oz/Henson Dark Crystal universe. The use of different shades is blooodi marvellous, it is like if they are floating from surface to surface and doing it with ease.

  4. Thanks Erik, Feral and Kari!

    Erik: I actually don't like that much sculpting because I've always had massive problems with the putty. Doh!

    Feral: Thanks for the kind words :) I imagined a sweaty railroad worker with a massive sledgehammer when I started to put this together. I assume he is a slave for the Mater Merchant, and he has a funky multipurpose tool in his hands - a scifi version of the sledgehammer (for digging, electrocuting, vaporizing... cooking?)

    Kari: I'd never heard of the Dark Crystal movies, but heck you're right.. I googled the images and they almost look the same species :) Heh! And many thankses! Kiitos! I used some white pigment for the Paymaster's jacket, and it looks quite effective in person.

  5. The richness of colour in your work is simply amazing... not to mention the wonderfully twisted conversions.
    I have to say, I was also thinking of the Dark Crystal when I first saw them. Just the air about your minis reminds me of it.

    The new guy looks awesome, too. Can't wait to see him with some paint on :)

    1. Well the reason why I probably haven't seen the movie is I was born 7 years after the film came out... Looks like I'll just have to check it out and let's see if I get more inspiration to define the looks of these guys.

      Also, it would be extremely interesting to see how other people would construct this race - I believe there would be even more twists and crazy gear options. Thanks Schwager!

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