Friday, April 5, 2013

Serious muscle joining the Merchant Xenos

(Terminator is just for showing the scale)

clink clonk whhrrrr


B A M! zztttt clink

*Oi! Chief, not that one...*

*Chief, remember we're not practicing now....*

Ka CHLINK boing


*You three there, there'sssss no time to foolll around - If you cccan't keepp your mouths ss-shut for a minute I'll just have to tell to... tel-le tell te te-ll... bugger!
I'll tell to Bargainer you're slowing ussss down*



  1. Wow thats big sucker due!!
    What about one or two more cables or connections on him?

  2. Wonderful mini! you sure have your unique way of both painting and building my friend, looking forward to seeing this one finished

  3. Ooh yeah, get that mutha painted!

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