Friday, April 12, 2013

Teaser pictures - night owl updating

Allright, I added some paint to the monster I built. The idea was not to make 40K fimir, and I hope I fullfilled that goal... The critter with halo will probably have plain black eyes because it's quite hard for me to make glowing eyes that small looking natural. The "elephant man" looks quite effective with his sloppy and tired eye, it looks 666% better in real life :)

I'll take better pictures as soon as sun comes back here...

I already have one guy more for this group, but I think it would be better for me to finish the Dark Vengeance set.


  1. Very cool model and the depth of the paint job is just marvellous. How long does something like this take you to paint?

  2. Hiya Schwager! This took my quite long to paint, and still I hesitate should I change some points of the model to look different; for example I blackened the eyes of the critter with halo and made some other minor changes. I'm waiting to get better photo shoot going on some day... (The last pic isn't taken even with macro, I totally screwed the session :D )

    I primed the model, an I think I got the main colors done in few hours. Then I started to shade things down, and it took me the next evening. If the vision comes strong and it's ready before I open any of the paint pots, I work quite fast. (Two other guys of the group are done in 2-3 hours I guess.) But this big dude was hard to make looking natural with all the stuff he's carrying, and I remade most of the parts after I finished first time... He was confusing to do.

  3. Holy throne! That is a cool beast! Where are the small imps from? It certanly doesnt look too fimir to me, it's very much its own creature.

    1. Hi Alexander! The imp with halo is a gnoblar attached to the guys shoulder - I just clipped it's nose away and glued cairn wraith mask to it's place :) There's a bit of greenstuff over is head.

      The other one holding the shotgun's trunk is from skaven kit I assume. The face comes from plague bearer kit. His hood is also made of green stuff.