Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The painting funk

Hello dear readers,

I have hit a painting funk, and so I got to a point where I was unhappy with almost all I'm doing and uninspired to continue any of it. Hence the lack of updates. What sparked my interest again was a quick game of Hordes (PP) with a friend. So now I'm distracted once again to do yet another project. However trying to finish up what I got I have done some work on the Ungors (nothing much to show yet as they are painted in batches of 10) and some work on my Hordes army (mostly head and weapon swaps) so the little progress I can show is on the tzzeenchy display board (realm of chaos gang/ whatsnots)
Skorn Nihalators. I was so sick of the original sculpts, the original heads are too big and their swords to chunky for my taste. A quick rumble through the bitboxes gave them Dark eldar hellion heads (some other DE heads as well) and some swords from the dark elf corsairs. I do like them much better now.

 The first layers have been put down on this first part of the spawn, the hair is almost done now, some tweaking still remains. I also want to try and shade the skin with some blues, purples and such but so far only the basics of the skin is there.
 And some small details for the display board. Nothing fance or done yet but at least something to show ;)

Cheers and thanks for looking


  1. Great job with... everything :)That Spawn is just horrificly delightful. Who´s the manufacturer? I gotta get me one!

  2. I understand exactly your problem. My solution is to have three or four projects on the boil at any one time. As you get bored/frustrated with one, switch to another, it helps to keep you motivated most of the time. Of course, the downside to this approach is that sometimes you feel like you never complete anything, as you have lots of half-finished work around you. And sometimes you might never go back to them. If things get really, really stale, go cold turkey and do not pick up a brush, knife or paint pot for a whole week. After that, you will be desperate to get back in there.

  3. Wow the spawn! That is going to give me nightmares.

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