Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Display board

Hello once again

I've always wanted to do a display board and the realm of chaos warband I'm working on suits this perfectly. I started with a paintingsframe and started to build up using the ususal cork and slate and some putty

However I was very unhappy with it. It was far too generic, not suiting the miniatures and in the end not what I was looking for. I envisioned something more swirly, tzeentchy and a mix of elements, a clash of ordered and chaotic structures. In the end I went for this instead

It is not done yet and lots of things needs to be added, chaotic arrows, riverts, details, gravel, dust, corals, fishes, water etc. I really wanted to make a scene which displays 'on the shoreline of (tz)change
For further realm of chaos feel I added skulls with runes and hanging chains (also inspired by Warhammer online concept art)

The color of the stone paving is made following a tutotial on Sprocket's small world (link in the bar to the right). 

Touch ups and a few more highligts on this one and now it only needs some more loving until it is done.

Hope you like and thanks for watching


  1. Woohoo , this will be a COOL warband Erik !!
    Go for it!

  2. Looking good! Thrilled to see it finished :)