Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Hey guys, here's a recent commission piece which was a first for me, a finecast figure with no bubbles! It was still a pain to clean though, I always feel as though the figure is going to disintegrate in my hands as I gingerly scrape off the damned mold lines and tons of flash!

I was given total freedom over the painting scheme. At first I considered black and white, as per 1930's hollywood movies, but decided that was a bit too radical. But it did inspire me to aim for a sort of sepia palette, with a flash of colour in the red megaphone and contrasting green gems. I also very cleverly put "WD 2012" on the clapper board - pleased with this flash of genius I sent off the pictures to the client. He liked them, but pointed out it was the 2013 figure. Curses! A little job to start the new year then.

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  1. Action!

    Cool miniature with cool paint scheme! It would be awesome to see more of these 'dioramas'done by you. Some other painters said that it's sort of flawless finecast miniature which sounds new to me ;)