Monday, January 7, 2013


Hey guys, how long are you hibernating for?

I started work on one of my favourite Vampire Counts models, so I reckoned on making the base a bit more elaborate. It's not a new idea is it, having a zombie or two on a base, but it sure looks good. A bit more exciting than the usual sand and flock. This is the progress after a bit of glazing and (shock, horror) some drybrushing. The bits of rock are made from a coconut shell - amazing textures, it even has little hairs growing from it which I will paint up as withered grasses. Get out into the forests and find one now!


  1. Hey mate it is great to see you so productive :D this base looks promising and I have never tried coconut shell for basing (will do it now though as it looks very cool! However I will not find it in the Swedish woods ;) ). The skin tone is very warm/bloody atm are you going to make it more earthy/muddy as they are coming out of the ground?

    So far I've painted three nurglings... gah back into hibernation

  2. Is it that cold that the water freezes on your brushes? It's getting lonely in here ;(

    Not sure on the base yet, when the main figure goes on I will have a better idea of palette, mood, etc.

    I am also trying to get a winter themed figure completed for the Warhammer Forum challenge.