Thursday, February 21, 2013

Squad done!

Allrighty people, I'm back form the dead (again!) and painted this squad during one evening. and did the finishing touches next morning.

I've been extra hurry with school, and life, and with horse blah argh. No time for fun. I've storaged my paints under my table more than one month and I wasn't sure if they still were alive and good to use. Long story short, I think paints are ok but the painter is rusty.

I basecoated this minis first with black and then gave them a smoke of white primer to make zenithal lightning. After I painted these I realized they could have been easier to do over to a plain white... Well, my goal is to get these ready for  battles, not to stay in my dusty cabinet! Just some washes and metals, and minimal highlights, and that's it. The basic green I used here is kabalite green+black ink.

You maybe can see all the parts I skipped for the sake of completing the unit in time - and I don't care! As a unit it looks quite cool, but when you take closer look to the minis, they really are roughly brushed...

Next step is to paint the Dark Angels Hell's Angels! Did you get it? hoo hoo!
-> the motorbike squad...


  1. I think they look amazing! How did you do that a few hints would be great I am trying to finish a Storm Lords Chapter and an Undead army as fast as possible while looking great so any tips honestly appreciated!

    The veterenc face looks great and not rushed at all!

    Look forward to the bikies!

  2. Very different scheme and still Turkanesque (try to say that ten times fast!). I really like how they look torn and battered without the usual approach of weathering. Kudos for that mate!

  3. Never mind all that, a horse?!?!!!!

  4. Minitrol: I dunno if I can give good advice, but let's try. I started with black primer and made zenithal lightning with white primer (and as I realized, plain white would have been better option!)

    After the basecoat I took a big brush and mixed kabalite green and black ink, and drowned the miniatures into the mixture. Then I added more black and made progressive shadows under the arms and so on. In this point I made some messy highlightning to some parts of the armour, if I used too much the first wash. There's also orange ink, and clear green+blue wash to make the green more sharper. All the time while doing the washes, I tried to keep the white primer visible so I didn't have to do highlits with brush that much. By doing the black + white basecoating it gives you lights and shadows, you just add the colour... cheers.

    Erik: Thanks! I like the word - but the truth is I just copied my idols; Old Fogey and a guy called Animerik. You happen to know him???

    Old Fogey: Icelandic horse. And a norwegian loft horse. Definitely more challenging than a cat...