Tuesday, June 10, 2014

They got my name right prt. 2

Be sure to pick up the latest volume of Warhammer Visions -Blanchitsu has a bunch of familiar looking critters featured in the article this month.

This truly is the pinnacle of my hobbyist era. Hats off to people encouraging me and kicking some serious buttocks.

Special thanks to Mr. Blanche, a childhood idol of mine.

Cheers and peace.


  1. Hope this helps to keep up good work, as in the ancient Rome during triumphs a slave whispered to man of triumph's ears: "Remember that you are just a man"


    But seriously magnificent work!

    1. :) Thanks Kalervo! I hope this nod gives me a boost to actually paint more and blabber less...

  2. Looking good and well deserved, your brushwork is Blanchitsu indeed. I no longer buy GW mags, what other of your items did they publish?

    1. Thankses Fogey!
      THere's 9 pages in total and they feature plague bearers (There's even the one with exposed bum and a nurgling pulling out his guts...), few other DV chaos marines and a death wing terminator.

  3. Congrat mate! Saw some of your minis in person last Autumn when Spiky Rat Pack was visiting Nottingham. Great stuff!

    1. Thanks Kari. Heh, nice to hear that! If the rats are ever about to make a roadtrip to eastern part of Finland feel welcome to take a look of my workplace and it's contents. Cheers!

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