Monday, November 25, 2013

Lotus Hatcher - 5th member for the travelling party

A mere shadow of  his past he is. Master of melee combat, blessed weapon user but loyal to nobody he was. As he stands today, a massive mountain of muscle, ram head and decade old wheelchair, he might look a sad character with desperate life. His strong arms can drag him over the deserts, and end someone's life as fast as it started, but the corruption is his brain has made him demented and helpless. Only Master Merchant is able to construct bionic legs for his superior fighter, as he believes Lotus Hatcher is still capable to make a good thug for his travelling party. Blimey, maybe Master Merchant is also afraid to give functional legs to his fellow, you see Mr.Merchant ain't just anybody, he's a total jackass to his loyal group - as all businessmen tend to be - It might be that it's much safer for his skin to keep that fella disabled. Yesss.... indeed it is......

Now back to Dark Eldar!


  1. Man... you´re a sick puppy aren´t you.

    Brilliant! It´s what David Croenenberg would do if he converted GW models. All hail the new flesh!

  2. Insanity! This travelling party is so very unique and so beautifully painted. Very cool work :)

  3. Superb. He looks really disturbing; that head is scary. But my favourite part is the wheelchair- nicely converted and I love the grimy metallics. :D

  4. Thanks fellas! Obviously this group has taken serious influence from Blanche's work, especially the wasteland bases and some other color choices... Cheers.

    I assume the next character I'll build for this group shall be the last one. I've become too obsessed about this cyclops-mutant-group and I think it's right time to head to another direction. Building this wheelchair was a bit dramatic, because I've been working with disabled people quite a lot, and I kinda was unsure if it was "right" or correct to represent electrical wheelchair in a figurine. The other voice told (luckily) just to do it, because in the real world and in real life we're equal if you had functional legs or a wheelchair. Heck, this even might be a silent manifesto of mine about human rights and equality, an opinion about "health" and "sickness" (mental or physical or spiritual disabilities/problems I mean).


    I may take these things too seriously!

    1. I think it's a great thing that you actually took the time to think about how your work might affect people. But it's even better that you decided to go ahead and make the mini in the end. Because today's exaggerated political correctness is getting absurd...

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