Thursday, September 19, 2013

Grand Inquisitor conversion.. DONE!

A.k.a "walking traffic cone" :).

He´s more machine than man nowadays; who knows what lies under the hood? Orders are issued with a cold metallic voice, and his arm has suffered some damage revealing bionic upgrades...

 Got this puppy done, and I must say I do struggle a bit with them bright colors. All the red was glazed with red tamiya clear ink, giving than super vibrant shade and the gold metallics are JRN style, with purple ink and clear tamiya orange glazing. Base color is coat ´d arms "bright gold".

Group photo with his maniacal posse coming up soon..


  1. I think you just burnt that part of my retina which should be able to see red!

    Awesome as usual, and maybe this is a new start for your miniature painting era :)

  2. This is just so cool. Monty python meets Ordo Hereticus. I actually forgot thia blog and it's nice to see that you're now also in the lineup.