Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mindless purchasing - CD edition

Well, after this Germany trip I will totally reward myself with this fella. I'm 100% sure about it. Really; thinking about ordering this piece of resin makes me a little too excited to assemble and paint this piece before finishing Chaos Dwarf infantry that I have, so this must be stored well to my secret collection of unstarted miniatures.

My full-metal Chaos Dwarf army consists of the following ingredients:

24 Chaos dwarf warriors (painted? no? yes? stripped again?)
18 Chaos Dwarf Blunderbussers
20 Sneaky Gits
6 Bull centaurs
1 Sorcerer on Lammassu
1 Lord on Bull taurus (painted!)
2 Heroes
Earth Shaker+crew
Rocket Launcher+crew (Halfway painted!)

At this point my Chaos Dwarf collection is large enough to keep me busy a long time, but here in my secondary apartment I can't do anything to get this project going on - except that in a local hobby store they also have AOW plastic Dwarf Berserkers which have given me a good idea of converting some slaves to the army. Hobgoblins would be cool to own (I have 20 Sneaky Gits with identical poses - oh gosh) but I'm sure that I'd need to spent a fortune to get a playable unit of those guys. The other thing I've decided to order are these three daemonsmiths. I already have few characters of the old range, but I think that these might fit to a special group I'm planning to build.

And how about the new Bull Centaurs? The old ones are tiny compared to them... but that's the policy nowadays - bigger is better. I must agree.


  1. Holy crap..! Those are really cool looking minis! Must see those painted :)

  2. Indeed they are! Forge World has created true art with these ones :)

  3. You have picked three items that I would myself. Great minds think alike eh? Tempted by the sorceror on bull taurus, must resist....

    1. When I get back home I'll order these guys as soon as possible. But it will take at least couple of months before I have these on my hands.

      Fogey- Don't resist! Buy one or every of them and we can have an event where we start assembling and painting the miniatures at the same time. And after we're finished (3 years later) we could display the finished products and compare our methods... This is the idea you threw me some time ago at TWF.

      Good/bad idea? :)


  4. Good Idea! I can afford to buy the chaos daemonsmiths, not the bull taurus at the moment :( When you get back pm me from the forum, though it seems to have disappeared today!