Monday, July 9, 2012

Where am I?

Hullo friends!

The reason for why these blogs of mine haven't been progressing lately is that I moved to Germany for three months (studies abroad) and I'll be moving back to lovely Finland at the end of August. That last week before I moved was the rushiest days of my life, and I was not able to update here NO MINIS FROM 'TurskanPerkeet' FOR THREE MONTHS 'SOB' (reason: hysterical arrangement and endless paperwork). Here I don't have access to internet so often, so this is the first time when I have a little time to write an update here.

I'd move here if it was in Finland...

Home ;_;
I have not any of my hobby-equipment with me here, so the only things I'm able to do here in Germany is to drool the Avatars of War minis at the local hobby store... Maybe I'll take few champions with me. I've also decided that when I come back from here I will buy myself something big made out of resin - with wings and attitude and a rider with tall hat.

Germany is a nice country for it's almost free-like beer from the stores, and people here are maybe the friendliest I've ever met. But as I have grown up in a country where summer is the time when people actually start to live their lives - swimming in the forest lakes, sitting in front of campfires trough the ever light nights, catching trolls in the forest and listening to the sound of the wind- it's hard to me to see that here the nights are cold and dark, there's only one lake and I must live in the city centre... It's nice but different.There's no place like home!

Spirit of the water - a good old friend of mine from the fountain near my home

When I get back to Home, I'll build a fortress out of sofa pillows and chairs, and just paint miniatures inside my citadel until my bones break and winter comes. 

The inner burning flame!!!
I've realized that miniature painting is something that gives me energy - like if you listen a good record or draw a picture or enjoy a horror movie - and three months break is a long time for me ;) I start to feel typical kind of anxiety if I can't just do my own thing, and I've seen that painting miniatures is one of those things.
But, If you have time please feel welcome to visit me here in Germany. I live in City of Hof, and I think there's many nice places to sit down and talk about miniatures or beer drinking.

See ya at the end of August!

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